Monday, December 10, 2012

Why Give a Callatis Spa Gift Certificate for the Holidays? Let Me Count the Reasons!

My mother is an avid gift certificate buyer during the holidays. She procures certificates for all 4 of her children from whatever retail operation we desire. And even though I know what I am getting for Christmas, I am always delighted to open the envelope each and every year.

She is the typical gift buyer who faces the dilemma of buying for adults of a certain age. Most likely the person has everything they desire BUT you still desire to do something for that special person in your life.

This year, I told her to to buy me a certificate from Callatis Spa. She said to me "I live in Michigan, you live in NE Ohio -- how can I get it for you?" I said, "No problem! Just call Maria and she will run your credit card information and send you the certificate!" And that is what she did!

So, if you are still on the fence about a gift certificate, here are 4 benefits they bring:

  1. Gift certificates are great for the hard-to-buy.

    If you are racking your brain to buy something for a loved one, employee, or friend -- gift certificates are a great option because they allow the recipient of your gift to choose whatever  product or service they want over the course of a year. They can use it once or multiple times depending on the denomination.
  2. Cash is crude -- especially for a holiday gift.

    No one wants to give cash for the holidays when a gift certificate is so much more personal. While cash works well for other occasions such as birthdays or graduations, it is considered a "lazy" option for holiday giving. This is the time where it is expected for you to put some thought and effort into a gift, rather than just going to the bank for a 5-minute withdrawal.
  3. You don't have to fight post-holiday crowds to return an item.

    Rather than standing in long lines at the mall or retail outlet returning an unwanted sweater or  pants that are in the wrong size, a gift certificate is the perfect choice because there are so many options at the retailer.
  4. The person can use it all year long for anything the retail establishment offers. 

    A holiday gift is here today, gone tomorrow. However, a gift certificate can be used whenever the recipient wants to use it and it can be used for multiple products or services.

    For example, perhaps you are thinking of giving a certificate for $100 to your mother-in-law. She could come into Callatis Spa for an eyebrow wax ($15) and the next week stop by for bath oils ($20) and the following week another eyebrow touch-up ($12). She still has money left to treat herself and you to a chair massage ($10 each). She has choices and she feels empowered using the certificate. 
Gift certificates are an easy and convenient way to give the gift of...choice! Come by Callatis Spa Tuesday through Saturday between 10 am and 6 PM to pick up your gift certificate for that special someone! If you are time crunched, call 330-208-2445 with your credit card and we will mail it out to you or your loved one. Don't delay -- the holidays are quickly approaching!